About Us

Mission Statement

At Fluid Technologies Pumps and Controls Inc. we are the architects of seamless fluid dynamics, transforming the way pumps and controls work in the Chicago Metropolitan area. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, we elevate the industry through innovative motor repairs, meticulous system retrofitting, precise pump repairs and rigorous pump testing. Serving commercial and industrial clients, we bring our expertise to every project, orchestrating a harmonious flow that keeps businesses thriving. Our mission, to be a driving force behind the success of our clients, ensuring their operations remain a well oiled machine in an ever-changing world.

Fluid Technologies is Northern Illinois Premier Pump Service, Sales, and Engineering Company. Fluid Technologies was founded in March of 1998 by our President Terry Morgan. To Date, Terry has 39 years experience in the pump service and repair industry.


Terry Morgan (President)

Terry brings 40 years of experience in the Pump industry to the company he founded in 1998. Terry’s main focus is the day to day operations of our service division and insists on being a “hands on” president spending a lot of his time in the field leading our team of qualified Technicians.

Andy Dailey (Manager)

Andy Joined FTI in 2007 and has 40 years of experience in the plumbing / pump industry. Andy’s pump knowledge is second to none and is our specialist in sizing, design, and all things pumps. Andy focuses on our Service side but also handles some of the inside sales responsibilities including customer service and quotes.

Jim McGoon (Sales Manager)

Jim joined FTI Sales in June of 2017. Jim brings over 20 years of plumbing industry experience to FTI Sales, Jim started as inside sales and managing quotes before moving to outside sales, and now helps drive the business as the Sales Manager.